BUILD to LEAD series

The “Build To Lead” series is designed to help the “Student-Athlete.” This series focuses on establishing clear and concise goals to empower the student to develop the leadership and advocacy skills necessary to maintain high academic performance during the school year. With the “Build To Lead” series, “Student-Athletes” are challenged to plan for life outside the lines, while utilizing their competitive nature to establish a foundation for success in Secondary and Post-Secondary Education.


outcomes of curriculum

The following are direct outcomes after applying A.I.P's curriculum and methodology. We are proud of our results and continue to perform research and analysis to uncover areas for improvement in design and execution. 




College readiness: College readiness, academic goal-setting, understanding of D1 college eligibility and the importance of obtaining a post-secondary degree/certificate.

Culturally: Understanding of the social and financial importance of the minority athlete, increased desire to advocate for their peers, increased desire to advocate for their surrounding community, “Power Play” developed to navigate their network of community advocates.


Socially: Access to professional leaders of color through A.I.P. network, increased connection to school, increased connection to the surrounding community, increased self-confidence and established goals with tangible outcomes.