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choices & chances series



The “Choices and Chances” series is designed to help students who have the highest risk factors within any educational institution, and community-based organization. These students have made choices that have jeopardized their freedom, led to poor academic performance, and as a result have become disconnected from school and the community they live in. This series focuses on the social and emotional aspects of the youth while establishing clear goals to increase their academic success, their confidence in their own leadership potential, and their own growth mindset.


outcomes of curriculum

The following are direct outcomes after applying A.I.P's curriculum and methodology. We are proud of our results and continue to perform research and analysis to uncover areas for improvement in design and execution. 




Academic:  college readiness, understanding the importance of education, increased desire to succeed academically, increased attendance in school, increased connection to school, goal-setting for secondary and post-secondary success, guided pathway for retrieving credits.


Culturally: Understanding the cycle of violence, increased interaction with positive role-models and leaders of color, understanding of the criminal justice system and policies that impact the communities they live in, and “Power Play” developed to navigate their network of community advocates.

Socially: Access to professional leaders of color through A.I.P network, increased connection to community, increased awareness of social capital and the importance of community advocacy, increased confidence and self-worth, increased desire to establish positive relationships with peers and community members.

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