Our Story

Empowering schools & communities is our passion

A.I.P consulting is the catalyst for systemic and equitable change. Started in 2016 by Jimmy Brown A.I.P consulting was designed with two specific goals in mind.

1. Develop a safe space for Black and Brown students to plan for academic and personal success, and provide them the tools to discover their power as leaders and advocates within their school and community.


2. Empower stakeholders, district and building leaders to truly scale youth voice to impact all interconnected systems, policies and procedures. Students should be one of the focal points of change within any educational institution.


Over the last 4 years A.I.P has made headway into realizing both goals with over 200 youth impacted through our alternative programming models, and over 2000 student voices heard through our focus group designs. We believe in assessing the culture, experiences, and overall connection both adults and students have inside of educational institutions and using these results to have solution focused conversations, workshops, and learning committees around how we all can collectively build the best school and community for the demographic we serve.


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Jimmy Brown

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Founder & CEO


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