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Our services

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Our theory

AIP recognizes the unique position of serving the community.

Communities have a myriad of socio-economic factors that impact the ability of its members to engage with the organizations that are built to serve their social, emotional, and financial needs. 


As a BIPOC-led consulting agency, our experiences with systems, organizations, and government institutions have been rooted in systemic racism.

AIP aims to develop and implement a “reverse bureaucratic hierarchy” that is focused on challenging those same institutions and social organizations in order to prioritize the voices and experiences of those they serve, especially when developing strategic plans, internal initiatives, and service models. 


AIP acts an accountability partner for your organization.

We help you stay committed to your foundational mission, vision, values, and service models and co-design platforms that make space for critical and candid conversations. Our expertise and innovative thinking builds a framework that creates a path towards truly understanding the wants, needs, and experiences of the demographics you serve.

Our service model


Tier 1

Consultation with executive leadership in your organization or institution. Our focus areas:

  •  Hearing where you are and helping you find your “Northstar.”

  • Building innovative possibilities that are rooted in real outcomes, strategy, and internal team cohesion.

  • Providing a foundational framework that can guide you and your leadership team to immediate action and launching points for future initiatives with a comprehensive and culturally responsive “Dream Design Proposal!”


Tier 2

Includes all aspects of Tier 1 with the following additional focus areas:

  • Additional pre-consultation to deep dive into our pre-recommendations.

  • “Train-the-Trainer” employee professional development opportunities that provide “community connection institutes” for mid-level management and supervisors. 


Tier 3

Includes all aspects of Tier 1 & Tier 2 with the following additional outcomes:

  • On the ground guidance from A.I.P consultants and community partners. We help you launch a first phase action plan that creates immediate engagement with those who are doing the ground work to serve your target demographics. 

  • Optional: A.I.P becomes your socially conscious partner and helps you achieve the outcomes of our first year recommendations for your desired holistic change. 

  • Optional: A.I.P helps elevate your brand to your internal and external stakeholders, communicate your strategic plan, mission, vision and values. 

Other Services

Outside of our tiered model we offer hourly design services/opportunities to help impact specific initiatives and desired outcomes of your organization or institution. Services are: 


  • Culture and Climate Assessments (Specifically for internal teams).

  • Healing and Relationship Building Circles (Team and Culture Building)


We help institutions connect with their communities. 


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